Do you prefer your craft cold brew coffee drinks to be more savory than sweet? How about unique and interesting and amazingly refreshing? Here's a cold brew coffee drink recipe that will make you extremely happy!



 This cold brew coffee drink recipe is made with a slightly sweet Organic Anise simple syrup. I know, that sounds a little bit "weird" and I thought so too when I went to pour it into my coffee. But to my surprise, it was actually kinda magical. I loved it on it's own, but felt that it needed some sort of balance. I tried adding hand crafted Vanilla Bean syrup and that was awesome, but then I tried adding the small batch craft Demerara Gum syrup, and it was like the clouds opened up in the sky moment. Ok, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic. I love unique flavors but not overpowering flavors. I love the taste of coffee and don't want to hide it's deliciousness. This was my happy place ticket.... savory, slightly sweet, cool and refreshing. But honestly, it's the cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg rimmer for me!!! WOW!  It is the perfect summer morning drink that is just easy to drink and brings your mind to that special happy place. 

Plus, you won't find recipes like this anywhere! We use syrups that were hand crafted for cocktails by small businesses who specialize in unique flavor profiles. You will seriously want more of these syrups.

The Coffee - I made the cold brew concentrate (using the Toddy Cold Brewer) with both the Costa Rican Tarrazuand the Colombian Supremos. I favor the Costa Rican, because it's not quite as heavy as the Colombian, so the savory spices are highlighted and the coffees natural flavors are accented beautifully. It will taste great with either, but I preferred the Costa Rican

The syrups:

The Demerera syrup has a gently sweet / savory flavor. It's not too sweet, with rich molasses and caramelized flavors.

The organic Anise simple syrup by Royal Rose is one of the most intersting flavors I've ever tried. It's slightly sweet, but the savory side it, well, I can't even explain it. You might think of the anise root and think of salads, but it's more like "hints of anise" that you can't quite put your finger on. 

Enjoy this savory sweet treat poolside with a little umbrella. You can thank me later.


(all ingredients come in your kit except items marked with *)

  • 4 oz. Bean Hoppers cold brew concentrate
  • 2 - 3 oz. filtered water*
  • 1 tbsp. Demerara Gum Syrup
  • 1 tsp. Royal Rose organic Anise Syrup
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Cinnamon/Sugar drink rimmer
  • ice*
  • Options:
    • For a creamier drink, use milk* instead of water
  • Rim your drinking glass with cinnamon & sugar rimmer: Dip the rim of the glass into water, then into the cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg rimmer, swirl until fully coated.
  • Fill the drinking glass with ice. and set aside
  • In a small cup, add cold brew concentrate, Demerara syrup, and Anise syrup. Stir to combine.
  • Pour coffee and syrup mixture over ice.
  • Add water to your liking and stir gently to combine.
  • Garnish with a cinnamon stick.
  • Take a photo, share it on social media, and tag Bean Hoppers!

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