I've put the Breville Precision Automatic Coffeemaker to the test! 

What I discovered was amazing coffee in every batch! I was very hesitant to spend $300 on a coffeemaker. I was hoping that for that price, it would also wash, dry and fold my laundry, but no such luck. Instead, I settled for a perfect cup of coffee, which I think is a pretty good trade-off if you ask me. 

This brewer has been certified by the Specialty Coffee Association for brewing the perfect cup of coffee. This is called the "Gold Cup Standard". It even has a setting for that.

This well-made brewer impressed me at almost every step. I feel like the price is worth the money for this coffeemaker. I'll give you a simple run down and you can decide for yourself!

Sturdy design

  • The water reservoir and body are hard sturdy plastic.
  • The thermal carafe is large with a large opening for easy cleaning
  • The lid is very sturdy and very easy to use with a flow-through brew and no adjustments before pouring.
  • The filter basket is deep, wide and sturdy and moves in and out of the machine as smooth as butter. 


This baby has all the options you could ever want! Seriously, there is something for EVERYONE.

  1. You like a mesh filter - comes with one
  2. You like a cone filter - comes with one
  3. You like cold brew - does it
  4. You like iced coffee - done
  5. You like strong coffee - there's a setting for that
  6. You like your coffee exactly as it's recommended by the SCA - yeah, you guessed it, there's a setting for that?
  7. You like it hotter, cooler, faster, slower, longer bloom time, no bloom time - you can you the "My Brew" settings and get EXACTLY what you want!
  8. Oh did I mention that it's also got an auto-start? 
  9. Do you think the only way to brew perfect coffee is a pour-over method? Well, my friend, it can do that too! (but this does require additional equipment)

Features worth mentioning:

Due to the unique water boiler design, the water remains at a steady temperature throughout the brewing cycle so all of your coffee is perfectly extracted, and you CAN tell a difference.

The fact that the brewer gets the water to 195 - 205 is another reason the coffee turns out so amazing. 

The water reservoir has lines that are easy to read, so you know exactly how much coffee you're about to brew. This tells you how much ground coffee to add to the filter.

It comes with a scoop that coincides with the number of cups that are marked on the water reservoir. You are brewing 4 cups, use 4 scoops... 6 cups, 6 scoops and so on. 

Selecting the options using the dial are very intuitive and easy to use.

 What it's missing from this machine:

  • The maid/butler to deliver you a hot cup of coffee in bed.
  • A telepathic genie that will push the button for you.
  • A grinder to grind the beans.
  • Someone to sit with you and chat while you're enjoying an amazing cup of coffee.
  • A coffee subscription to Bean Hoppers coffee (that would be a perfect world).


  • The water temperature is perfect and EASY to adjust.
  • The settings are intuitive and easy to figure out and navigate.
  • The water reservoir is easy to open, easy to see and has multiple methods of measure. (which is amazing!)
  • The carafe is easy to clean.
  • The filter basket is easy to clean.
  • It really makes amazing coffee.
  • It literally has something for everyone, no matter how you like your coffee.

My personal cons (but are really small gripes):

  • The water reservoir does not come off for filling up the water to your desired level, and it would really make it easier to clean the reservoir. But since the opening is really wide, it's easy to wipe out from time to time, plus I could descale it. 
  • The lines on the reservoir are in 5 or 10-ounce increments. In the USA, 6 ounces is considered a cup and we're used to measuring 1 TBSP of coffee per 6 oz of water, but in the UK, 5 oz. is a cup. But they do provide you with a scoop that holds less than 2 TBSP and I've used it (heaping) and it really does taste great using their measurements too!
  • The lid to the carafe gets water stuck inside it and potentially it may not dry out.
  • Cost - very expensive, but I also think it's very well made and the cost is justified by the experience and the quality of the brewer and the amazing coffee it makes.
  •  It doesn't wash my laundry... just sayin.

Overall I highly recommend the Breville Precision Brewer and would rate it a 9 out of 10 even at this price. Only because I haven't tried some other really nice brewers on the market that I'm still going to try. But I'm not sure how it could get much better.






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