This smart coffee maker makes excellent coffee due to the smart chip keeping the optimal water temperature throughout the brewing cycle while pulsing the water over the coffee grounds in cycles to evenly extract all of the coffee in the filter. And the coffee turns our great! 

There are only two settings on this brewer, using only one button. Set it at either 2-4 cups or 5-8 cups and the machine will adjust the brewing time. Pick the water level of your choice and push the button. Or you can pre-set overnight to be ready in the morning. 

If you're trying to set the time, or wake-up setting, the controls and are not intuitive. You may need to have the instructions handy to remember how to find the additional settings aside from simple brewing.

in my opinion, the machine overall feels somewhat cheaply made, with lightweight plastic parts and the rubber parts in the water reservoir and the carafe are not easy to clean.

The carafe is thermal so it keeps your coffee hot for a long period of time. The lid screws in and brews through the lid. Once brewed it's ready to pour and has a nice pouring spout. The lid also has a rubber tube to mix the coffee as it brews.

It uses a #4 cone filter. But the filters they provide are brown paper filters. Do not use these... your coffee will taste terrible brewed through these filters. Get white paper filters or a gold-tone filter basket. 

The water reservoir has nice clear and easy to see measurement lines so you know exactly how much water you are pouring in, so you always know how much coffee you'll want to add to the filter basket. The measurement lines are in 5 oz. increments and only tell you the number of cups, not ounces. The 2 cup mark is 10 ounces, the 4 cup mark is 20 ounces, and the capacity goes up to 9 cups (or 45 ounces). They provide an 8-gram scoop to coincide with the number of cups you're brewing. One scoop per cup, but an overfilled scoop will make your coffee richer.

You don't have many options with this brewer, but if you aren't the type of person who wants to brew different ways all the time, it could be the right brewer for you. It's a very basic, push the button and go coffeemaker. Because I like to mix up my brewing methods, this coffeemaker was not my favorite option for the money. 


 Here is my full comprehensive video review

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