The workplace has evolved in the last twenty years and the most successful companies have been winning by investing in human capital. Employees demand a better work-life balance and employers strive to keep up with new and innovative ways to bring their workers together in a collaborative, team environment.

The need for employers to be flexible with their employees, while also helping them to feel connected, has never been more important, in this post-pandemic world.

While employees have shown themselves to be quite productive during the Covid-19 pandemic, the workplace has become fragmented, and the spontaneous creativity born from impromptu conversations in the breakroom or walking down the hallway has been lost. Shared experiences, and feelings of connection also help contribute to a company’s bottom line because it helps employees align themselves with the organizations mission and values and helps them remember the big picture.


The past two years will always be known as The Great Resignation, when employees fled their jobs in droves. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 47.8 million workers left their jobs in 2021, compared to the next lowest year (2009) when 1.75 million workers quit. Though the pandemic is over, this resignation trend is not, with 4.3 million workers quitting their jobs in February and March of 2022. Workers cite a variety of reasons for quitting, from the desire to spend more time with family, needing more flexibility or just being generally dissatisfied with their employers. One thing is clear- companies are having a harder time making their employees feel valued and a lack of connection isn’t helping.

The Happiness Institute  conducted research in 2020 and found that after a certain point, financial compensation stopped mattering and employees could still feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied. In fact, they found that employee happiness was mostly reliant on feeling engaged and heard by management and their teams. This is crucial because happy employees are twice as productive, six times more energized, and tend to stay at their company longer. As you already know, hiring new employees can be very expensive. So, by reducing your turnover rate, your revenue increases.



So, how do companies make their employees feel valued and connected, granting them the flexibility they demand while keeping their company financials robust?

Employees want to matter, and companies want to keep their best employees.


Make it a win-win!

According to Forbes Magazine, team building is one of the most important investments you can make in your employees because it creates memorable ways to connect outside of the typical corporate environment. This boosts morale and makes them feel connected, which can help remote teams as well as teams just coming back into the office.

Sodexo, an employee benefits company, believes that team building events can enhance communication, connect remote teams, boost collaboration, increase motivation and inspire creativity.


Whether your team is fully remote, hybrid, or in-person, giving them some time to unwind and have fun together is the best way to increase productivity because they will not only feel appreciated, but more relaxed and refreshed as they head back to work.

When your team feels seen, heard, and understood, and they know their work is being noticed and rewarded it will breed loyalty and longevity. 

So it’s time to host an employee appreciation event, either in-person or virtual, to let them know they matter, and you care about them.


Get Creative with your teambuilding events

Don’t just give them a trivia game or a zoom-a-thon awkward hang out session with no pre-determined plan of action. Choose something that helps them interact, learn something new, think and get excited about participating.

Its’ best to bring in an outside vendor to lead your event, and give your employees structure and some wow factor. This also allows the event coordinator some down time for bonding and feeling valued too. Creating memories together bonds people and helps them get to know one another in a more meaningful way.


Meeting Kickoffs

These can be anything like chocolate tasting, hosted virtual game shows, or a morning coffee tasting to get your participants warmed up and collaborating prior to your meeting, and they’ll keep that energy throughout the meeting and be able to focus on your content.


A great way to bond people is taking on a challenge together! Board games, escape rooms, riddles, or puzzles are perfect brain teasers that will have them working together and having fun while they’re at it. A little friendly competition never hurts either.

Creative Thinking

Get them moving and involved by using a board game like Pictionary, Jeopardy, or even charades is a two-for-one of communication and creativity practice for teams. This is a perfect way for them to work the logical and creative sides of their brains.


People like to just let their hair down and have fun and not be forced to think too hard, or solve difficult problems.  Having an instructor let Coffee Tasting Experience, Craft Cocktail Mixology Class, or exciting Game Show experience, will allow you as the coordinator to participate and relax as well. Leave it up to the professional staff to lead your participants in their event. Your employees will thank you for this.


You don’t have to pick one type of event either; try oscillating through various types of events to keep things fresh and hit every positive point that you want your team to achieve.

If you’re leaning towards meeting kickoff or employee bonding type of events, you can find a coffee tasting experiences for you team and will work with you to plan the perfect event for your group. Click here for more information.

No matter what type of event you choose, your employees will feel appreciated by you and will enjoy a chance to decompress and have some fun with their colleagues. Remember, employees who feel valued will stay longer and work harder.

Events can offer leverage for more than just you employees.

Because clients are part of your success too, don’t forget about them when thinking about fun events! It will pay off because they will always remember an experience over a product.  

Market research company AYTM  conducted a customer appreciation survey and found that 91% of respondents said that they are more likely to do business with companies that show appreciation to their clients. However, if you search for ‘client appreciation gifts’ on the internet, you’ll get an onslaught of ads for cards, snack boxes or food baskets.

I'm sure you can agree, that any successful relationship, professional or otherwise, is built on trust. Spending a morning or afternoon with your clients learning, growing, and having fun together is a great way to establish that kind of trust. Hosting them for a coffee tasting experience is the perfect way to thank them for being your client and a great conversation starter for future meetings and events.



Now that you have the tools to help your employees and your clients feel valued, it's time to build a successful future for your company by investing in human capital. Contact us to inquire about hosting your next event! 


Written by:

Savannah Jung

Milinda Lane

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