Single Serve K-Cups Bulk

The FRESHEST K-cup pods you've ever had!

Sourced from the top 5% of Arabica beans grown worldwide. Our pods are filled the SAME DAY the coffee is roasted. Then, within 24 hours they're shipped out to your door direct from the roasting facility. 

Did you know that when you purchase pods from the store or from most online retailers, they have been sitting for 1-12 months on a shelf? Coffee is only fresh for up to 30 days before it's flavor begins to diminish and becomes bitter due to rancid oils. 

Taste the Bean Hoppers Difference Today! 

Bulk Prices discounted as low as $1.29 per serving when you subscribe and save! 

Bulk pods come in a plain bag (no retail packaging) and are discounted as deep as possible.

Or get a single box of 18 to try out our pods before deciding to get a subscription. It's a great way to give us a trial run.

Compatible with most Keurig (R) brewers. K-cup (R), is a registered trademark of Green Mountain Coffee (R). Bean Hoppers has no affiliation with Green Mountain Coffee (R) or it's products