Java Island Balwan Estate Reserve

Thanks in part to its rich soil and abundant rainfall, Indonesia is the world's third-leading producer and exporter of coffee. Arabica beans comprise only 10 percent of the coffee grown in the country. Most of Java's Arabica is grown on five large estates in the Ijen Plateau: Balwan, Jampit, Pancoer, Kayumas, and Tugosari.

Our Balwan Estate Reserve benefits from its lofty position; the microclimate on the plateau and the incredibly rich soil produced by centuries of volcanic activity.

This lightly roasted coffee is amazingly vibrant, slightly sweet/spicy, lower in acidity with lots of body. The wet processing keeps the flavor clean and highlights the complex notes of milk chocolate, honey, dried fig with floral hints and a syrupy finish. 

Region:  Balwan Estate, Java Island, Indonesia

Body: medium-full

Notes: Milk Chocolate, Honey, Dried Fig, hints of floral

Process: Washed

Balance: Acidity is the brightness that coffee offers. Some palates register this as sour or tangy. Some delight in its fruity complexities.

Alternatively, boldness can taste rich and bittersweet like dark chocolate. Some palates register this as heavy or smoky. Some delight in its rich, spicy caramelized sugars.

Balanced coffees will have a nice mixture of both attributes so that one does not overpower the other.