Taste profile #2

This profile is what many coffee drinkers consider "Classic" and what they look for in a cup of coffee!

All of the coffees in the Taste profile #2 will have one or more of these flavor notes: Chocolate, Nuts (almond, walnut), Caramel, Vanilla, Butter, Brown Sugar, Toffee

These balanced and complex coffees will tend to have medium to moderate (or buttery) body (mouthfeel), and smooth, delicate acidity.

Most of these coffees will be medium to dark roasted coffees, and some will be a blend of light & dark roasts together to bring perfect balance to your cup.  A couple of lighter roasted coffees fall into this category due to their bigger more complex flavors, however they will have a brighter acidity.

These coffees are typical of what you will receive when choosing the Medium/Dark Coffee of the month club subscription. 

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