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Eva Foam
For the Love
We put our heart and soul into our craft. From buying coffee from reputable sources, to small batch roasting down to our hand blending techniques. You can taste the love in your cup!
Non slip surface
Hot Air roasting is a unique roasting method that unleashes coffees' flavors and provides cleaner, smoother results in your cup. You can taste the difference at first sip.
Fun Coffee Tastings
You don’t have to be an expert to know what great coffee tastes like. Have your owncoffee tasting event.  It's an introduction to understanding and verbalizing flavor, body, acidity and balance.

Coffee Education

Are you new to specialty coffee? You're in the right place!
We know specialty coffee can seem complicated and intimidating. We exist to bridge the gap from ho hum joe, to a perfect cup of coffee, in an easy to follow, non "snobby" format.

With your membership you'll have access to our staff who can personally consult with you and troubleshoot your coffee. You'll get tips in your monthly box, as well as access to our "how to" videos and coffee product reviews. 


Why Hot Air Roasting is Unique

Hot Air Roasting is a superior process of roasting coffee than traditional roasting methods. It provides a cleaner, smoother cup of coffee, and is a healthier alternative. You can learn all about the process on our "Hot Air Roasting"page.

What members get each month

We roast every Monday and ship every Tuesday. Our coffee is grown and imported from all around the world, and roasted at our facility  just north of Portland Oregon.

The coffee:
In every shipment (either 2, 4 or 6 weeks) you will receive a different coffee from your chosen roasting profile. Some months you will get a single origin, other months you get a blend. If you're on the light/medium planyou will never get a dark roasted coffee. Likewise if you're on the medium/dark plan you'll never get a light roast. If you choose an "all roast" plan you'll get to mix it up more and you'll be surprised every shipment!
The extra special stuff: In your monthlty membership box, you'll receive information ranging from how to brew coffee, to where your coffee comes from. You will also get a surprise gourmet treat, just because we like to make you smile.


Most coffee subscription services sell you coffee roasted by someone other then themselves. We put our heart and soul into our product and do all the work ourselves. Because all of our coffee comes from us, one roaster, you will get a consistent roasting style every month so you will know what to expect!
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More to Love

The joy of variety



Join our Specialty Coffee Club and get the worlds top 5% graded coffee hot air roasted within 24 hours of shipping to your door. A free gourmet treat and coffee tips in every box. 



When you become an Estate Reserve Member, you'll get first access to our limited edition, top 1% graded coffee.  Limited number of membershps are available for these boutique varietals. 



Shop by flavor profile, organic, decaf, or roast type. Non-Members can purchase a single bag of coffee. Discover an amazing specialty coffee that fits your taste!



Our Corporate Gifting Box  makes an imressive gift to your clients, employees or friends. Beautiful packaging and delicious contents that everyone will love. Great for the holiday season! 



Ever wonder how to explain what you're tasting in your coffee? We can help. Book a coffee tasting experience for you and your friends, customers or employees. In person and virtual events available.



Cold Brew Club!Get coffee that's formulated for cold brew, recipes to make new drinks and the ingredients to make the drinks in one box!

Have a little fun!

Looking for the right coffee for you? 

Take the Coffee Personality Quiz and discover what your coffee choices say about you.

Not sure how much coffee you need to order?Use the Coffee Calculator to discover how much coffee you currently drink.

The Cream of the Crop
Estate Reserve Coffee Membership

Our Estate Reserve Collection is comprised of the top 1% of the crop. They are imported from the worlds best growing regions and traceable sources from farm to cup. 

We serve our members first.
Estate Reserve Members will get early access to the newest reserve coffees. They will be automatically shipped  once a monoth, before they sell out! Once memberships have been fulfilled the new releases will be available for individual sale.

Because the coffees are limited, we can only accept as many members as we have coffee available. Membership availability will close once we have reached our capacity, so get them while you can!  

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Coffee Tasting With Friends

We are a family owned business who loves to make connections. We offer in person and virtual coffee tasting sessions. Sign up and invite your friends. If your local to the Sacramento area, we'll do a tasting in person. If you're far away, we'll send you the materials and do your tasting on video with you and your friends! Either way it will be a LOT of fun getting together for this fun filled morning.

No Membership required.


877-424-2326 (live person!)

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