About Us


Our Mission is to bring that “ahhhh” coffee experience to every day coffee lovers by simplifying specialty coffee, and making it easily attainable and convenient through our subscription service. By providing you with simple how to guides, you too can be your own barista without having to be an expert.

By choosing hot air roasted coffee, you can feel good about the healthier choices you make for yourself and the environment.

Our Philosophy

Our Story:

We started Bean Hoppers because we could not find the quality of coffee we were looking for. Where we live, there is a coffee shop on every street corner, and sometimes they’re across the street from one another! After visiting pretty much EVERY coffee shop in town, in search of great coffee, we found a few shops that were prettygood… but not amazing. The beans we took home were mostly just average or below. With our busy lifestyle, stopping at the coffee shop to buy beans became just another errand we didn’t have time for. What we really wanted was hot air roastedcoffee with options of blends and varietals with medium and dark roast levels, and quality beans. With only 13% of coffee roasters in the US using the hot air roasting method, there were none in our area. We were unsuccessful in our quest. So we decided to do it ourselves!

Three trends we noticed (that we weren’t happy about):

What’s with the under-roasted coffee beans y’all?  Many shops are now only roasting their beans to a cinnamon level, which is barely roasted. To get to the heart of the beans real nuances, you have to roast it until it’s perfect for that particular bean. Everything should NOT be light roasted. We’ve purchased bag after bag labeled medium or dark roast, only to find upon opening the bag, barely roasted beans! This trend doesn’t really match up with the “standards” in coffee roasting according to the National Coffee Association. To us, most of these roasts taste sour, fermented, grassy and earthy. Not our thing.

Another trend that we’ve noticed is that many coffee purveyors are offering of only single origin coffees. While it’s important to learn the flavor profiles that different regions offer, we want to be given the choice of enjoying blends too, which we actually prefer. When you roast a single origin bean to it's peak flavor, and blend it with another complimentary bean that has also been roasted to it's peak, you get a complexity that you cannot find in any varietal beans alone. These blends offer fuller and richer flavors than one varietal can offer on its own. 

Finally, as you have probably noticed, most “bags” of coffee are only 12 ounces. I’m sure you realize that there are 16 oz. in a pound. We had to buy two bags to get us through a couple of weeks. And pay the same amount as we would have for 2 full pounds.


What we did about it:

Frustrated by the current state of coffee roasting, we found a partner with years of hot air roasting knowledge and formed Bean Hoppers. Now we can offer hot air roasted coffee shipped right to your doorstep. Not to mention the fact that you’ll save a ton of money when brewing amazing coffee at home. One pound (16 oz.) of coffee can brew about 45 cups of coffee. That many brewed cups would cost you about $90 at a coffee shop, about 4 times more expensivethen brewing at home! 


The Team

Milinda  / Coffee Bean Queen (and owner)

I don’t really like the word connoisseur… I’m don't like claiming I'm an “expert”, because although I’ve been brewing coffee at home for about 30 years, and have above average knowledge of coffee, I still learn new tips and tricks all the time. There doesn’t seem to be an end to this science experiment. Let’s just say I’m a discriminating coffee lover who knows enough about coffee to bore you for hours, and leave it there. I previously owned a coffee company where I taught people all about coffee, proper grinding, brewing and storing. We also provided office coffee service providing specialty coffee and equipment to commercial clients. Through many big life events, the business was dissolved. But as an entrepreneur at heart, I always knew I would find my way back to what I love. Coffee. I absorb it. I admire the science and the challenge. I love all of the aspects of the industry, and the people in the industry are very genuine and interesting everywhere you go. I really am all about people and connections. Coffee is social, and that’s totally my thing. So let’s make some coffee and chat over coffee soon!

My coffee heaven is a true cappuccino (1/3 coffee, 1/3 milk, 1/3 creamy foam) using Bean Hoppers OMGourmet espresso. 

Jason / Captain Cappuccino (and owner)

I enjoy the good things in life - golf, great wine and great tasting coffee. I’ve always wanted to own a business and Bean Hoppers is the perfect intersection of my love for coffee and the kind of entrepreneurship I’ve always sought. I’m an espresso nut and the darker and richer my coffee the more I enjoy it!

My coffee heaven is a wet cappuccino with Bean Hoppers Dark Espresso.

Cindy / The Java Princess (and Roasting Facility Manager )

Amateur coffee drinker turned pro, Cindy joined the world of specialty coffee in 1993 and hasn't looked back.  Relationship is key to her business model and coffee is the perfect accompaniment.  There is always more to learn in the fascinating world of coffee but one thing remains consistent.. quality is key.  Sourcing only high grade Arabica coffees is an important part of the job.  Taking good care of customers is equally important. 

My coffee heaven is a delicately sweetened latte fueled by Bean Hoppers Espresso Ultimatum

Steve / Commander in Beans (and our wonderfully talented coffee roaster!) 

No bean remains un-roasted in Steve's world.  Our roasting machines hum in lockstep to Steve's command, expertly guided to the perfect degree of roast.  Each step, from purchase through completed package is supervised under his watchful eye so you receive the same delicious coffee each time.

My coffee heaven is a fresh brewed cup of Bean Hoppers Guatemala Huehuetenango, black.