Private Tasting Experience Events

The first time I tried “tasting coffee”, not just “drinking” coffee.  

I took a sip… I thought…really hard. ‘What am I tasting?’ It’s…It’s…  "Coffee." 

 I slumped back in my seat. Dang. I had always heard people talk about these ‘flavors’ they were finding in coffee. They were always very confident too - absolutely assured that this was the description of the coffee.  

I think that’s what made it so challenging (and intimidating) at the beginning. Everyone else who was able to taste these things, they seemed like they were on a completely different level above me, like they had some special ability I didn’t have.  

All I tasted was bitter and…well…coffee. You know that coffee taste.  

What I eventually discovered was that tasting coffee, when it comes down to it, is quite simple.  

If you hear someone express - "This tastes like lemons and chocolate! This tastes like raspberries! This tastes like blueberries! This tastes like roasted walnuts and cocoa! "  

These aren’t added flavors in the coffee. These are flavors which are a result of how the coffee is grown, processed, roasted, and brewed (and a thousand other important points along the way). These flavors can be brought out with the simple addition of water to the coffee - nothing else.  

So how do you discover them? How do you get to the point where you can feel comfortable and confident to drink a coffee and say ‘Oh, awesome, blueberries!’    

Schedule your own personal in-home coffee tasting event and be introduced to a simple process that will help you start to identify flavors that YOU can taste in coffee too! No skills required.


Book a Private Tasting Experience

Gather with some friends for an interactive private in-home coffee tasting experience! Learn how to taste the different flavors found in coffee in the comfort of your own home (or business). 

Sign up by ordering one tasting kit per participant/guest (including yourself). Please limit events to 6 guests. The host purchases all of the kits for the guests and the guests reimburse the host.

Once you place your order, we will contact you within 48 hours to schedule a date. Or feel free to call us at 877-424-2326. 

To ensure freshness, we will bring the sampling kits to your home or business on the day of the event, unless otherwise agreed upon after we connect.  

Our in-person events are available in the Sacramento California area only.  

For virtual tastings, the kits will ship to the home of the host and your guests will get their coffee samples and kit when they arrive! The event will be set up as a zoom call. These details will be arranged once you place your order and we connect via email or phone.

What's in the tasting kit?

Each guest receives:    

  • How to taste coffee guide  
  • Coffee terminology brochure  
  • Descriptive flavors worksheet  
  • 2 or 3 samples of coffee to take home
  • Tasting cards to track tasting notes  
  • The host will receive a free sampling mug!  

The host provides: 

A few small food samples. Don't worry, you probably have most of them in your cabinet already! And it's not breakfast, just small samples. 

Pens / paper Location, filtered water, and electrical outlet. 

Cost: Only $7.99 - $10.99 per person!

Hosting tht event is EASY. The easy instructions will be emailed to you after you schedule your date. 

For in person events, the Bean Hoppers representative will brew coffee for you and provide all of the equipment. 

Coffee Tasting Experience

Steps to hosting your tasting event

Order the Tasting Kits
Sign up by ordering one tasting kit per participant/guest (including yourself). Please limit events to 6 guests. 
The host purchases all of the kits for the guests, and the guests reimburse the host. Click HERE to order
Confirm a Date
Once you place your order, we will contact you within 48 hours by phone or email to schedule a date. Or feel free to call us at 877-424-2326 anytime!
Invite up to 6 Guests
We ask this because it’s easier to discuss the coffee in a smaller group, and it makes for a more relaxing experience for you as well as your guests. 
Provide samples
You will need to provide 6 simple food items (most items you probably already have at home). No cooking! Things like 1 apple, 1 orange, almonds, chocolate, you know....easy things! We'll send you the list to choose from along with the super instructions. 

The day of the event
Chop up each "flavor item" you’ve purchased into small samples for sharing. This isn’t intended to be breakfast, so one small taste will do. 
Introduction to tasting coffee
The day of the event we will give you and your guests instructions which will take about 5 -10 minutes. We’ll introduce you to the tasting kit and tell you how the process will work.
Tasting the Coffee!
This is the fun and interactive part! and we will walk you through the process.  

We will use the food items you chopped up to learn how to explain flavor, texture and experience and associate them with flavors that can be tasted in coffee.  

Don't worry, we provide tools to make this easy! The words can get very interesting and enlightening.  

We will bring the brewer and equipment so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We'll brew and serve the coffee and help everyone complete the tasting cards!