Coffee Tasting Experience Events

The first time I tried “tasting coffee”, not just “drinking” coffee.  

I took a sip… I thought…really hard. ‘What am I tasting?’ It’s…It’s…  "Coffee." 

 I slumped back in my seat. Dang. I had always heard people talk about these ‘flavors’ they were finding in coffee. They were always very confident too - absolutely assured that this was the description of the coffee.  

All I tasted was bitter and…well…coffee. You know that coffee taste.  

What I eventually discovered was that tasting coffee, when it comes down to it, is quite simple.  

If you hear someone express - "This tastes like lemons and chocolate! Or, this tastes like raspberries!"  

These aren’t added flavors in the coffee. These are flavors which are a result of how the coffee is grown, processed, roasted, and brewed.

So how do you discover them? 

Schedule your own interactive coffee tasting event and we'll introduce you to a simple process that will help you start to identify flavors that YOU can taste in coffee too! 

You will be one step closer to confidently drinking a coffee and saying ‘Oh, awesome, blueberries!’

No skills or special equipment required. 


Book a Coffee Tasting Experience 
Your way




In Person

Learn how to taste the flavors found in coffee at your location. This interactive experiences is the perfect pick me up for seminars, break out sessions, client events and teambuilding fun! Contact us for a quote. We have events to fit every budget. 



Virtual Leader 

Your guests gather in person at your location, and a Bean Hoppers professional will lead the tasting experience virtually. We will provide the zoom link, you provide the location! The host orders all of the tasting kits and provides them to the guests at the time of the event. Contact us to schedule a date! 



All Virtual

Host an all virtual tasting experience  You and all of your guests will join virtually from home, as a Bean Hoppers professional leads you in an interactive tasting experience. Kits are shipped to each person individually. Click "Book My Event" for more information!



Corporate Event

Customize your own tasting event. Plan large scale events for the entire company. We will adjust the time and details to what fits your group! You can choose full tasting experience, or do a quick fun cold brew workshop. Click "Book My Event" for a personalized quote.

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Look who's talking!

I enjoyed the coffee! And I thought that you made identifying the different elements very approachable. I liked how you made everyone feel that whatever they thought they were sensing was right. No wrong answers...that's a great way to get folks comfortable engaging.


Linda West

Human Resources

The event was engaging, educational, and interactive. It was well-organized, easy to follow along, and the host was both pleasant and knowledgeable


Renee Henderson


Milinda was an enthusiastic and fun host! This event was FUN to do virtually and felt like a step outside of the normal zoom-athon. I plan on referring friends and colleagues to BeanHoppers.


Kyle Anderson


It was very informative. I enjoyed learning about why some coffees have more of a bitter taste due to the burning outer portion of the coffee bean when it falls.


Vincent Night


It was well done and enjoyed the coffee - we are still talking about our favorites.


Savannah Nguyen


The information presented was just the right amount and not overwhelming. It struck the right balance and helped everyone feel comfortable and confident. I was so excited when I tasted oranges in my coffee!


Jennifer Winchester

Office Administrator

I liked that it was focused on flavor instead of technical details about coffee or brewing. It made it feel more interactive and relaxing and I learned a lot through our conversations and questions.


Bruce Adkins

Nurse Practitioner

I recently used Bean Hoppers for a cold brew coffee tasting as a company event, and overall this was a great experience. Milinda is extremely easy to work with, passionate about her amazing products, and held a very engaging session teaching us all so much more about our coffee experience. This was a great way to start the day. I had the vanilla saffron recipe which was amazing. If anyone is looking for a great way to kick off a work day with their colleagues, this is the perfect choice for you!!


Madison P

Event Planner

Coffee Tasting Experience events include  

  • A live professional event with industry expert, and founder of Bean Hoppers, Milinda Lane
  • Three coffee samples
  • A coffee terminology brochure
  • Informational flier about flavor attributes in foods
  • A professional coffee flavor wheel
  • Three coffee tasting / scoring cards
  • Event instructions customized for your group
  • A welcome introduction email to participants about the event
  • A Zoom meeting link 
  • Reminder and follow up emails
  • A discount to our website  

Hosting the event is EASY. The instructions will be emailed to you after you schedule your date. 



Class fees vary depending on number of participants.

Coffee Tasting Experience
Prices vary depending on event type

Corporate Events

Book an event for your employees or clients! Coffee creates great social interactions. Once your guests have been fully caffeinated, they are ready to engage and take action!

Just choose your event type and let us do the rest!

Duration of events range between 30-70 minutes based on the desired components you choose for your event. We custom build your event to fit your needs. 

The  Basic Coffee Tasting Experience focuses on identifying flavors in your coffee and is our base kit,. All of the listed items are included in the Manual Brewing Experience.

The  Manual Brewing Experiencewill teach your participants how to brew coffee using the popular pour-over brewing method. This workshop includes a Hario brewer kit, and can include other items like a grinder, scale or kettle depending on your needs.

The  Exploring Cold Brew Experiencewill teach participants how to make and enjoy cold brew coffee, and teach them how to make a unique drink recipe. It will include all of the hand made ingredients to make the recipe (except dairy) as well as a  mason jar mug to make it in! 

The  Coffee and Espresso Experience teaches participants all about the Aero Press coffee maker, how to use it to brew an amazing cup of coffee, and how to make espresso at home without an espresso machine! 

  • Prices will vary depening on the package you choose. 
  • International shipping is available.
  • Minimum class size is 10 participants. 
  • Program fees are applicble on all events.

Please inquire at with your query and we'll send you a full customized quote.

Coffee Tasting Experience
Prices vary depending on event type

Steps to hosting your tasting event

Confirm a Date
Contact us by phone, contact form or email to schedule a date and discuss your event needs.
Order the Tasting Kits
We will create an invoice for your event for one tasting kit per participant/guest (including yourself).  Shipping charges apply to each address. We'll ask you to send us a spreadsheet with the addresses 2.5 weeks before your event. 
Planning the Event
After discussing all of the details, about 10 days before the event, we’ll send your guests an email and let them know what to expect along with a checklist. We'll send them a reminder too! 
We will provide the zoom link unless you prefer to use your own platform.
Tasting the Coffee!
This is the fun and interactive part!  We will walk you through the simple process of learning to idenfify flavors and textures that are found in coffee.

Don't worry, we make this easy and fun! You will be on your path to confidently describing flavors in no time. 
We'll cover coffee facts and how to brew teh perfect cup in an unintimidation way for everyone to feel welcomed. 


How many guest can I invite?
As many as you want! Give us a call!
Shipping Charges
Shipping charges range between $8.00 - $13.00 depending on your kit choice per address. For an in-person event, where all kits ship to ONE address, it's still only one shipping charge.  
International shipping is available and we will charge you the actual shipping charges we pay. 

We will get the addresses from you the old fashioned way, through email and personal interaction! 
What do I need to provide for in person events?
If you're hosting an in-person event you will be asked to provide a few simple food items. But don't worry, there is very little prep and cost. You may even have them already.
You will also need: electical outlets, and filtered water.

The Bean Hoppers professional will bring all of the brewing equipment necessary, and either brew the coffee for you or teach your guests how to brew it in a hands on workshop.

For corporate events, seminars, and large events - Bean Hoppers will bring all items necessary and you will only need to provide electrical outlets, and AV equipment.
What do I need for a virtual event?
For virtual events, each participant purchases a few simple food items. These are optional but enhance the overall experience. But don't worry, there is very little prep and cost. You may even have them already.
If you're not getting the pour-over or espresso kit, you will need a brewing method, a way to measure coffee, a way to measure water, cups, pens paper and filtered water. We will send the rest of the items needed as well as the instructions and checklist.

Kits include pre-ground coffee for simplicity and efficiency. 
Why should I host a tasting experience?
As the host of the event, you will receive: 
* Our undying appreciation for welcoming us into your home or business.
* The love and admiration of everyone you invited because they will have such a fun time learning this valuable new skill! There's that.