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Our Estate Reserve Collection is comprised of the top 1% of the crop. They are imported from the worlds best growing regions and traceable sources from farm to cup.

 We serve our members first. Estate Reserve Members will get early access to the newest reserve coffees. 

As an Estate Reserve Member, each month you will receive one 8 oz. bag an Estate Reserve collection coffee. Coffees will rotate and be different each month. If you are also a Specialty member, your Estate Reserve coffees will be shipped along with your coffee club shipment at no additional shipping charges.

Once memberships have been fulfilled the new releases will be available for individual sale.

Because the coffees are limited, we can only accept as many members as we have coffee available. Membership availability will close once we have reached our capacity, so get them while you can!  

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We'll let you know when we get new lots of Estate Reserve coffees!

Estate Reserve Membership

By joining our Estate Reserve club, you receive 1 - 8 oz. bag of Estate Reserve coffee each month. You will be charged monthly as a recurring charge until you cancel. 
Combine your memberships and save on shipping.
Limited supply.
  • Whole Bean
  • Coarse (French Press)
  • Medium (drip)
  • Medium-Fine (aero-press - pour over)
Estate Reserve Membership - Bean Hoppers
Estate Reserve Membership - Bean Hoppers
Estate Reserve Membership - Bean Hoppers
Estate Reserve Membership - Bean Hoppers
Estate Reserve Membership - Bean Hoppers
Estate Reserve Membership - Bean Hoppers

Membership features

Every membership has it's perks!


New small lot coffees introduced each quarter

Beautiful full color guide to the growing region with tasting notes 

Coffee education, brewing guide and tasting notes 

Free gourmet treats

50% off Private Coffee Tasting event for 6

Frequently asked question

We're glad you asked

How are the coffees roasted?

Our Estate Reserve coffees are usually roasted between light and medium. Hot air roasted beans often look darker, even when light roasted. 

Can I order more?

With your membership you will receive 1 bag, 8 oz. of coffee. If you want more you can have 2 memberships, or you can order as a one time order and choose between 8 oz. and 12 oz. bags.

What if I'm already a member of the Specialty Coffee Club?

You can be a member of the Specialty Coffee Club and the Estate Reserve club. We will combine shipping and send your Estate Reserve coffee at the same time we send your Specialty Club coffee at no additional shipping cost.

What makes these coffees special?

Each Estate Reserve Coffees are only available seasonally, are grown in small lots, and are small batch roasted. Each coffee is chosen only after rigerous taste testing by our staff. They are the top 1% of all of the coffees from their regions. We seek out reputable farms and import through long standing relationships with our trusted graders. 

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