Our Coffee and Philosophy

We believe in excellence when it comes to coffee and we know that you would expect nothing less. We know you have a lot of other places to get your coffee from so thank you for being a part of our community. 

If you love excellent coffee, but can't say you're a "connoisseur", and don't really know where to start learning, you're in the right place.

We are here to teach easy tips and tricks to coffee lovers who are interested in learning more about specialty coffee. We want to make it approachable, not intimidating. We offer budget friendly and simple tools for coffee lovers to learn, grow and explore. 


Specialty Coffee may be more costly than the mass produced stale coffee from the grocery store, but for good reason. Learn more about the reasons for the cost difference in our Coffee 101 Blog.


What you get with us:

In your Bean Hoppers subscription box, you will receive a full pound of coffee (16 oz. of coffee brews 45, 6 oz. cups), a gourmet treat, new coffee brewing tips, recipes, equipment advice and even some craft ideas.

In your first box we start you out with a complete coffee tasting kit where you will learn to identify the flavors in your cup and know what they mean. Along with your guide you'll get tasting note cards to help you along and track all of the coffees you've tasted. 

Join our online community on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where you can chat with us anytime you like. 

About the coffee:

We import coffee from the best growing regions around the world. We only purchase the top graded Arabica beans. We pay a fair price to the coffee farmers.

Once we receive them, we inspect and roast them using a hot air roasting method. Through years of experience, we have found this method to be superior to drum roasted coffee. The result in your cup is smoother and cleaner. Not to mention that it's healthier for you since there is less smoke produced that creates carcinogens in your coffee. 


Limited shipments:

We are currently roasting only twice a month, so we can ensure that you receive the freshest coffee possible and no coffee goes to waste. Once we're out of a special coffee, we may not get it back in for a while, so don't wait to get the coffees we're roasting that month. You can also change, skip or cancel your auto-ship anytime you like, so you're never stuck.

We're now offering a small selection of coffees for one time purchase so you can try it before you decide to join the auto-ship program. 


The Goodies

We partner with multiple small vendors & micro businesses to make our hand made goodies for our subscription boxes. During the hot months, we may include coffee samples rather than gourmet goodies because they don't always travel well since they are usually delicate. 

The future:

We're looking into the future and plan to bring your many more options such as organic, fair trade, highly specialized imports, office coffee programs and more...

Join us today and start your journey to become a coffee connoisseur.