Awesome Blend - Medium Blend

You will be talking about this Awesome Blend at the water cooler. Your friends will all want some. This delicious coffee has a light and dark roasted beans from Indonesia, Central, and South America. Beautifully balanced with medium-full flavor that is lightly smoky, toasty and sweet. The perfect confluence of flavors. Awesome. 

Region: Indonesia, Central America, South America

Body: Medium-Full

Notes: Almond, Caramel, Honey, gentle fruit

Balance: Acidity is the brightness that coffee offers. Some palates register this as sour or tangy. Some delight in its fruity complexities.

Alternatively, boldness can taste rich and bittersweet like dark chocolate. Some palates register this as heavy or smoky. Some delight in its rich, spicy caramelized sugars.

Balanced coffees will have a nice mixture of both attributes so that one does not overpower the other. It will be the most complex in flavor, giving you the sweetest flavors. It will give you a nutty depth and spice of a dark roast with a gentler acidity to round out the flavors of the coffee.

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