Brazilian Santos - Light Roast

Shipped through the port of Santos, this coffee is rich with a medium body and unique aromatic qualities of spice and sweet.  Distinctively mild, sweet, and mellow with gentle acidity.  Sun-dried.

This coffee tastes great using the cold brew method and gives you all of it's bright, refreshing notes with less acidity! Smooth and full of flavor. 

Region: Brazil, Cerrados region of Minas Gerais
Body: Medium-Full
Notes:  Plum, Orange Zest, Toffee

Balance: Acidity is the brightness that coffee offers. Some palates register this as sour or tangy. Some delight in its fruity complexities.

Balanced coffees will have a nice mixture of attributes so that one does not overpower the other. It will be the most complex in flavor, giving you the sweetest flavors. It will give you a nutty depth and spice of a dark roast with a gentler acidity to round out the flavors of the coffee.

 Brazil is arguably the greatest coffee producer on earth, although coffee seems to be of decreasing

importance to the Brazilian economy and culture in recent years. Because of its huge amount of
exports, anything affecting the coffee crop (dock strikes, threatened weather freezes, pest infestation)
impacts current coffee market prices. Because they are the world’s largest exporter, when Brazil’s
prices fluctuate, so do the rest of the world’s suppliers. Coffee is a commodity just like gold and oil.
Much of Brazil’s specialty coffee is grown in the fertile, mountainous land that was once covered in
dense forest. Small farms were carved out of forestland and are still surrounded and protected by
those trees today. The natural habitat provides a breeding place for the natural enemies of pests
that attack coffee trees. They also provide stability to the climactic conditions. Because of the steep
slopes, mechanical picking is prohibitive. Farmers here have learned to cherish and protect the land
that provides them with their livelihood. They are wary of chemicals that could pollute the streams
and they keep riverbanks planted to prevent erosion. The law requires that a minimum of 20 percent
of the land be left in natural vegetation, which keeps things in balance.
There are several trillion coffee trees in Brazil. They are grown mostly on high plateau land, in old,
deep, heavily weathered non-volcanic soils, which impart a distinctive note to the coffee’s aroma.
Many Brazilian coffees are harsh and dull in the cup, and are widely used in instant coffee and
commercial blends found in most canned coffees and bricks.
Some exceptional grades are produced, mostly in Sao Paulo (especially the bourbon variety from the
Mogiana districts) and southern Minas Gerais states. Good Brazils are well-worth seeking out,
especially for their rich, full-bodied, mild character and unique aromatic qualities. They are uniquely
sweet and mellow.
The “Santos” in our Brazilian refers to the port the coffee is shipped from. It is grown in the Cerrados
region of Minas Gerais. It exhibits notes of plum, orange zest and toffee in a light roast, designed to
highlight the delicate flavors. Our Brazil is harvested from June into September by smaller
landholders then sun dried, producing a taste that is smooth with low acidity. The grade is “Fine Cup”
and “Strictly Soft”, the highest available grades. It blends well with African, Central or South
American coffees.

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