Exploring Cold Brew

Host a cool event with your team! Get a cold brew recipe kit and make the recipe together in this fun and DELICIOUS icebreaker event! 

The event will take about 45 minutes, and your group will be shipped all of the ingredients to make a great cold brew recipe in a box (except dairy).

Your experience kit will include:

  • Mason jar mug
  • long-handled spoon
  • Bag of coffee to make apx. 60 oz. of cold-brew concentrate.
  • Cold-brew concentrate recipe
  • Cold brewing bag
  • Ingredients: Hand-made syrups and sauces for the recipe.
  • Drink toppings and rimmers
  • Recipe to make the drink

Each event will be personally led by a Bean Hoppers Craft Coffee expert. We will start by talking about cold brew and what makes it so special, the best brewing methods, and various ways to enjoy it at home.

Then we'll create a delicious specialty cold brew drink together! 

Please inquire about any event customization you need by reaching us at beanhoppers@gmail.com.

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