JT Cooper Single origin chocolate sauce

This decadent chocolate syrup is made using a single-origin, natural cocoa from Ghana. With tasting notes of coconut, berries, and caramel, it's delicious in coffee, hot chocolate and frozen drinks. 

Bean Hoppers uses this chocolate sauce in several of our cold brew drink recipes. you can purchase 2 oz. sample size bottles here or a full size bottle can be found at JT Cooper's website HERE.

Use it to make hot or iced mochas, or to make additional cold brew drinks. There are so many ways to enjoy it. Even over ice cream... or better yet. mix cold brew, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce together in a blender for a mocha frappe. 

ingredients: Organic cane sugar, filtered water, natural cocoa powder, organic vanilla extract, sea salt.

size; 2 fl. oz.