Manual Brewing Experience

The pour-over (manual) brewing method is one of the most popular ways coffee lovers like to enjoy specialty coffee. It makes a superior cup of coffee to any other method because you get to control all of the variables. But don't take our word for it.

Join us in a casual and fun workshop, and learn how to use the Hario V-60 manual pour-over brewing method. 

This virtual workshop will introduce you to pour-over coffee and will help you understand all of the elements. You'll get some coffee education, brewing tips and we'll talk about the techniques that make the pour-over coffee so magical and delicious! 

Once you try it, you'll discover why it's so popular and see that anyone can master the technique with a little practice. 

Available live in person in the Sacramento CA region.

Your basic brewing experience includes:

  • A live professional event with industry expert, CDO & founder of Bean Hoppers, Milinda Lane
  • Hario V-60 Pour Over Brewing KIT (comes with brewer, carafe, scoop & filters)
  • Three artisan coffee samples
  • A coffee terminology brochure
  • An informational flier about flavor attributes found in foods
  • A professional coffee flavor wheel
  • Three coffee tasting/scoring cards
  • Event instructions customized for your group
  • A welcome introduction email to participants about the event
  • A Zoom meeting link
  • A reminder email and a follow-up email
  • A discount on our website

Participants will need to have their own water kettle, timer, and (ideally) a kitchen scale at home. If they don't have these items we will recommend alternatives. 

We offer three kit options for this workshop:

Level 1 - Basic Brewing Kit: (above)  

Level 2 - Upgraded Brewing Kit:  Basic kit + Electric gooseneck hot water kettle

Level 3 - Ultimate Brewing Kit:  Upgraded kit + coffee scale
The ultimate kit gives participants everything they need to make perfect pour-over coffee.  

You can also customize your kit to include other options like a tasting mug, or a burr grinder. Please email us for a quote at


This page is intended to be transparent but is not the final cost of your tasting experience. If you choose to order your kits online through this page, we will contact you right away with the final costs which will include shipping per address, and program fees according to your group size and event options desired.

Please reach out for a custom quote prior to ordering.