Private Coffee Tasting Experience

Have you ever wanted to explain the flavors you're tasting in your coffee, but can't find the words?

Host an interactive private coffee tasting experience! Virtual or in person, the choice is yours. Coffee expert (and founder of Bean Hoppers Coffee) Milinda will have you exclaiming "Bananas!" before the end of the experience.

How it works: (be sure to review this informational page for more details.) 

Each participant receives a tasting kit #1 that includes: 

  • Three artisan coffee samples
  • A coffee terminology brochure
  • An informational flier about flavor attributes found in foods
  • A professional coffee flavor wheel
  • Three coffee tasting/scoring cards
  • Event instructions customized for your group
  • A welcome introduction email to participants about the event
  • A Zoom meeting link
  • A reminder email and a follow-up email
  • A discount on our website
Manual Brewing Kit Options:
  • Kit 2 - Basic Manual Brewing Experience - Kit 1 + a Hario V-60 pour-over brewer 
  • Kit 3 - Premium manual brewing experience - Kit 2 + a Bodum gooseneck hot water kettle 
  • Kit 4 - Ultimate Manual Brewing Experience - Kit 3 + a coffee scale with timer
  • Optional Add-on: A beautiful, colorful tasting cup and saucer 

Contact us directly for a customized quote at

CLICK HERE for more information.

Most experiences take between 45 - 80 minutes and can be tailored to meet your needs.

The minimum class size is 10 participants. 

Coffee samples will be ground for the chosen brewing method.

This page is intended to be transparent but is not the final cost of your tasting experience. If you choose to order your kits online through this page, we will contact you right away with the final costs which will include shipping and program fees according to your group size and event options desired. Please reach out for a custom quote prior to ordering.