Sumatra Mandheling - Medium Roast

Sumatra is a highly recognized gourmet coffee producer. This beautiful, syrupy, and complex coffee has lovely spicy notes, pleasantly rich and bursting with flavor and body.

Region: This superb quality coffee is shade-grown in the Mandheling region, found in the highlands of the far northern part of the island

Process: Dry processed

Body: Medium

Notes: Spice, Dried Fig, Earthy, Complex

Balance: Acidity is the brightness that coffee offers. Some palates register this as sour or tangy. Some delight in its fruity complexities.

Alternatively, boldness can taste rich and bittersweet like dark chocolate. Some palates register this as heavy or smoky. Some delight in its rich, spicy caramelized sugars.

Balanced coffees will have a nice mixture of both attributes so that one does not overpower the other. It will be the most complex in flavor, giving you the sweetest flavors. It will give you a nutty depth and spice of a dark roast with a gentler acidity to round out the flavors of the coffee.


Sumatra is the second largest island (after Borneo) in the Indonesian archipelago and is bisected by the equator. Most of Sumatra’s coffee is grown in the southern and eastern part and is mostly Robusta.

Our Sumatran is strictly Arabica and grown in the Mandheling region, found in the highlands of the far northern part of the island.

Our shade-grown Mandheling (Man-day’-ling) is characterized by its pleasant, rich flavor and medium body. After harvesting takes place in October, the coffee is “dry” processed, adding a complexity to the cup. This means that the coffee is allowed to dry in the sun before the fruity pulp of the coffee cherry is removed. Dry processed coffees are mostly found in areas where water is in less abundance. While the
green beans are rather ‘dirty-looking’, the brewed cup is outstanding. The light roast brings out the fruity aroma and earthy, rich exotic taste.