Tropical Blend - Light Roast

This coffee brings a ray of sunshine to your morning, reminiscent of a tropical vacation. As you sip on the bright notes of pineapple & lemons, smell the sweet floral bouquet, you can't help but get lost in a daydream

Region: Blend of Central and South America

Body: light

Notes:  tropical fruits; pineapple, lemon. Sweet floral aroma and fresh clean finish.

Balance: Acidity is the brightness that coffee offers. Some palates register this as sour or tangy. Some delight in its fruity complexities.

Balanced coffees will have a nice mixture of both attributes so that one does not overpower the other. It will be the most complex in flavor, giving you the sweetest flavors. It will give you a nutty depth and spice of a dark roast with a gentler acidity to round out the flavors of the coffee.