About us

Welcome to Bean Hoppers Craft Coffee

I want to inspire you to brew better coffee at home, and make it easy!

Our passion for coffee has brought us to this moment, it's so nice to meet you! 

Our journey began one coffee shop at a time in our local area. We scoured each shop in search of what we loved. We love coffee with big bold flavor. We love coffee with unique complex characteristics. We love coffee that's dark, medium and some on the lighter side. But we don't love the fact that almost all coffees at local coffee shops are so lightly rosted that the flavor resembles tea and you can't taste the espresso when you order a cappuccino. 

We thought, well, let's create soemthing we love, and something many others like us will love too.

Bean Hoppers began, and has grown into something even more. 

The unique hot air roasting process brought our vision to life. Hot air roasted coffee creates a very flavorful coffee, and allows a darker roast to be created without burning the beans. The best of both worlds!

Our coffee is really something very special. We believe in quality, so we buy only the top 5% of coffee beans from around the world. We hope they’ll make you as happy as they make us.

About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us
Whether you brew your coffee in a coffee pot, a pour over, espresso or cold brew, you can make it taste better with just a little bit of effort and we hope to help you improve upon your knowledge and skills.

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