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Coffee tasting events help increase event registrations, audience participation, and motivates participants to take action! Nobody leaves undercaffeinated, and they will be ready to laser focus on your content. 

Our engaging events are a fun addition to any meeting or webinar, or a great stand alone team building or client appreciation event!
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Founder, CEO and Coffee Bean Queen!

Milinda Lane

I’m Milinda, from Bean Hoppers craft coffee. I am a professional coffee connoisseur and brewing expert with over 10 years of industry experience. I'm also a super taster, which means I’m able to taste and identify flavors that most people can’t. I've created a simple method to help you understand how to taste and describe flavors in coffee! 

I am passionate about teaching, coffee, and people. Sharing my passion through teaching others is one of the biggest reasons for starting Bean Hoppers coffee. I have over twenty years of event planning experience, and I love to make my events engaging and entertaining. 

I've designed several options of coffee tasting experience events for you to choose from when thinking about your target audience. 

I would love to work with you on your upcoming event and it's my goal to make it as momorable as possible.

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Thank you so much for a GREAT session today! We just set a record in attendance. You made our webinar so interactive and engaging.


Event Manager, PhoenixNAP
Thanks for the awesome event. The attendance and registration was amazing - such a fantastic turnout!


Partner Deveopment - Megaport
Hi Milinda, Thank you for such a fun event, they loved it & I can't wait to make my coffee.


Global Sales Tools - ABP - Google
The kits were fantastic and ensured that we were prepared. The coffee was amazing and I learned about the regions the roasting and the super cool coffee maker. Thanks!


Event Coordinator
I recently used Bean Hoppers for a cold brew coffee tasting as a company event, and overall this was a great experience. Milinda is extremely easy to work with, passionate about her amazing products, and held a very engaging session teaching us all so much more about our coffee experience. This was a great way to start the day. I had the vanilla saffron recipe which was amazing. If anyone is looking for a great way to kick off a work day with their colleagues, this is the perfect choice for you!!


Event Coordinator

Coffee Tasting Experience Options


Coffee Tasting Experience

Learn all about flavor and how to identify and describe the flavors in coffee. Learn tasting terminology like acidity, balance, flavor and finish. No special equipment needed, just the brewer you have in your kitchen. The kit will include the artisan roasted coffee samples, the supporting documents and instructions. 
Best for small budgets starting at $22.99 pp + program fees, shipping and tax

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Manual Brewing Experience

Learn how to brew coffee using the connoisseur's favorite brewing method, the pour over brewer! Making coffee this way is both delicious and rewarding. The premium kit includes a Hario V-60 pour over brewing set with filters and scoop, a hot water kettle, coffee samples and supporting documents to make your event successful. 
Our most popular experience! 

Manual Brewing Experience 

Let's make real coffee connoisseurs out of them! 
Provide your guests everything they need to brew amazing tasting pour over coffee at home. This kit includes everything in the premium kit, and adds on a coffee scale with timer. 
You'll learn how to properly measure your coffee and water for the perfect, cup every time.

Custom options

Add on a colorful porcelain sample cup to any kit. Perfectly sized for sampling coffee. 
We can even create custom kits with upgraded equipment for your best VIP clients. Contact us! 

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 Cold Brew Tasting Experience 
One of a kind cold brew recipe kits make a fun and engaging tasting experience!

Cold Brew Coffee Experience

Host a cool event with your team! 
Cold brew is the fastest growing market among coffee lovers of all ages. 

Get a cold brew recipe kit and make a one of a kind recipe together in this fun and DELICIOUS icebreaker event! 

Participants learn various ways to brew cold brew, why it’s a beneficial and the many ways to enjoy it at home. 

Kits include everything you need to create 2 servings of the special recipe. and up to 15 drinks total. Ingredients are small batch crafted using fresh ingredients. No store bought big brands.

Base cost is only $39.99 per person!
+program fees, shipping and tax
*Toddy Cold Brew System is additional.

Coffee and Espresso Experience

Coffee and Espresso Kit

Participants learn how to brew coffee and espresso at home without an espresso machine using the simple brewing method, the Aero Press. What's the difference between espresso and coffee, or a cappuccino and a latte? You'll learn how to make a custom specialty drink at home and get the tools to do it!  Kits will include the Aero Press, a hand frother and a cappuccino cup as well as the coffee and supporting documents to learn to taste coffee.

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Client Appreciation Event

Guide Realty in Sacramento hosted a coffee tasting experience event for a client appreciation day.  We had a wonderful time and everyone raved about all of the great content! 
Here is a great example of a small in person event!