How to improve your coffee immediately

by Milinda Lane | 27 April, 2021 |

Few things smell better than opening a new coffee bag. The first cups you brew from it are something extraordinary. I started my espresso journey with Illy ground coffee cans. I remember the pleasure of opening a new can and brewing a few shots, always a particular moment. However, the next day, it did not smell and taste as great. 

What is Keto Coffee and why should I drink it?

by Milinda Lane | 28 January, 2020 |

"There is no such thing as “Keto Coffee” without adding something to it. To make coffee into “Keto Coffee”, it requires..."

"Even before the “keto craze” ...

Is single origin coffee better than blended coffee?

by Milinda Lane | 09 October, 2019 |

Would you cook with just one ingredient? Would you paint a masterpiece in just one color?  Do you spice your food with just one spice?

4 Reasons Why Coffee is Bitter

by Milinda Lane | 06 August, 2019 | 1 Comment

If you grind your coffee too fine, the hot water will over extract your coffee and pull out the negative compounds in the beans.

Is there really more caffeine in a light roast?

by Milinda Lane | 06 August, 2019 |

Dark coffee is lighter in weight than light roasted coffee because it expands more in the roasting process. The beans are bigger (let's say they're fluffy or fat). Therefore, if you measure one scoop of dark roasted coffee and the same one scoop of light roasted coffee, 

The best gift for everyone in your life

by Jason Lane | 01 August, 2019 |

We can all agree that gift giving can sometimes be challenging.  You want to find the perfect way to show your appreciation for that special person, but end up stumped again. We’re going to let you in on a little secret.

Are you really paying $90 for a pound of coffee?

by Milinda Lane | 05 June, 2019 |

Wow, now THAT'S a LOT of savings! But, what about the cost of the expensive espresso machine? Ok, let’s look.....  

Paper Coffee Filters Vs. Mesh Coffee Filters - video

by Milinda Lane | 04 June, 2019 |

Which is better to brew coffee with, a paper filter or a mesh filter, or something else?

5 Reasons why coffee is so expensive

by Milinda Lane | 05 April, 2019 |

"Does it seem like coffee companies are gouging customers and taking advantage of our undying need for delicious coffee and our caffeine fix? Are these price increases really justified?" 

9 Things That Shape the Flavor of Your Coffee

by Milinda Lane | 25 March, 2019 |

Coffee is just very complex, arguably the most complex food humans ingest (roughly 1500 chemical compounds in your cup). What influences the nature and make up of these constituents?

The light roasted coffee trend, yay or nay?

by Milinda Lane | 11 January, 2019 |

These lighter roasts when stopped at this point can often give you a “lemon” or “brighter” taste in your cup. Some will argue that you’re getting more of the original taste of the coffee.

Why does hot air roasting make coffee taste better?

by Milinda Lane | 11 January, 2019 |

The end result is a cleaner coffee that tastes smoother, is more consistent and far less carcinogenic