Coffee Connects Us

We can all agree that there are many things in life that connect people, bring them together, give them a "moment"... Coffee being one of those things. We gather in groups, we meet up with a long lost friend, we sit with a loved one for a casual, or intimate conversation. We share joys, sorrows and life. We show love, we connect. Coffee is there. It does not judge, it simply brings peace, solace, understanding and solidifies your human connection over something that is so enjoyed. Delicious, and satisfying. #coffeeconnectsus

Millions of people bring the joy of coffee into their lives on a daily basis. Sometimes as an afterthought, and sometimes as a focal point and an excuse to sit together.

One of my favorite things to do with my husband is to sit on the back patio together and have a cappuccino, enjoying the nice cool morning before the day heats up, and have together time. We chat over an array of topics, whether it's what we have to get done over the weekend, or how we really need to get better about exercising, or just how much we enjoyed our last adventure together. Laughing and soaking it all in. Simply connecting.    

Our goal with Bean Hoppers Coffee is to bring you great joy during these moments in life. Bring you the freshest, most delicious coffee possible, that will inevitably enhance your together moments.

Bring us into your home and share your #coffeestories with us. We want to be a part of your #coffeemoments and build a coffee story together! How do you like to connect with others over coffee? 

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Though our subscription service is a convenient way for you to never worry about running out of coffee, you can also order a single pound of coffee if you just want to try us out. 

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