A Moka pot is a unique brewing method and it's been around for a very long time. If you love strong coffee with a high concentration of caffeine, this may be the perfect brewer for you!

Many people call this an espresso maker, however, it's a misconception that this brews espresso. This misconception may be due to the volume of coffee it brews. It only brews up to one 8 oz. pot. The coffee produced is very strong and highly caffeinated. So you don't want to drink too much coffee brewed with this method. The definition of the espresso is: Coffee finely ground and brewed under pressure, producing 1-2 ounces of espresso and has a thick layer of crema (coffee oils) on the top. This coffee maker produces a coffee that is more similar to a percolator. It extracts the oils because of the large holes in the filter basket, not because of pressure. 

Most of the caffeine is extracted from coffee within the oils of the coffee. When you use a paper filter, the filter absorbs a fair amount of the oils, holding back the caffeine from your cup. The large holes in this brewer allow the oils, caffeine, and sediments to flow through into your cup, producing a very strong cup of coffee with a big caffeine boost!

Getting good coffee in this brewing method is tricky. In this video, you will learn how to brew coffee using the right grind and the right measurement so you won't get bitter coffee and the best coffee types to use. You will also get a demo on how to use the Moka pot. It's a very simple brewer, but the trick is in the coffee type and the grind.... after troubleshooting this brewer many times, I got amazing coffee out of it, watch now to see how.

This electric version of the coffee maker is available on Amazonfor only about $50. It's a sturdy coffee maker that will last you years to come. 

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15 June, 2021

John Socha

FYI. Got one of these several years ago that appears to be an older version, same model #. Doesn’t have the plastic tip on the spout and is clear plastic. I believe the original was overheating, as I could never get a decent brew out of it, even turning it off waaay early. Found a newer designed one like yours and it is much, much improved. If you Google “Alicia pot” and look at the images, you can see both versions.

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